Sara Krish
Spiritual Trainer

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"I believe that once I experienced fear in its greatest form, that of death and aloneness, my heart and mind made a pact to rise, to course-correct, to heal, to cultivate an abundance of joy." 


Meet Sara

Sara is a Spiritual Trainer guiding soul-curious men and women on a journey of self discovery; heightening awareness, dismantling perceived limits, and revealing ultimate desires resulting in the meticulous curation of their dream life. Simply put, Sara guides people toward a miracle-ready state of mind. 

Sara is a Cancer Warrior. At 30 years old she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and told she would not carry children of her own. Sara used her fear and sadness to catapult her into the biggest fight of her life. Over the course of 5 years she turned her darkness into radiant light and now guides others to do the same. 

Sara is Founder and CEO of Cancer Warrior Foundation, a 501(c)3 created to empower young women to Get Lit! through their cancer journey.

Sara is the author of the Get Lit Coffee Table Reader, an inspirational zine created in collaboration with fellow Warrior, Chinatsu Kambayashi. Purchase your copy here.

Sara has led hundreds of people through goal setting workshops, leadership development trainings, and team building activities for yoga-inspired brands lululemon athletica, Athleta, and Manduka.  


Qualifications & Training

Sara holds a BA in Clinical/Community Psychology as well as a MA in Counseling and Organizational Psychology.

Sara is currently enrolled in The Intuitive Intelligence Academy.



I have referred to Sara in many ways throughout the year: Life Whisperer, Godsend, amazing, Angel in Disguise, Brain Reorganizer, The Listener. The impact she has made on my life as a woman, a mother, a wife has been greater that I ever imagined possible. She has showed me things about myself I didn’t know existed, the most important being that I have all the answers within me.

I continue to hear her guide me daily in my heart and in my mind. Her teachings will have a place within me for a lifetime.
— Audrie
I am fairly certain Sara saved my life. I was spiraling down a dark hole with no idea how to get out. Loneliness, fatigue, menopause from hormone therapy, low self-confidence and heartache were all getting the best of me and it was becoming too much to bear. I was struggling so hard, I was desperate to find a connection to anyone that went through what I did, and did what I wanted to do. I can’t remember exactly how it happened but I think Sara kind of popped back into my life, out of the blue (we spoke once on the phone about a year ago after a friend connected us but lost touch, as people do). I think she could somehow feel my pain. Call it a vibration, energy, the stars aligning, whatever - I will never forget that day we talked. We spoke on the phone for an hour and a half....well, she talked, reassured, comforted, and I cried.
It has been an amazing pleasure and blessing to know and work with Sara. She is the true definition of a WARRIOR. I met her when I was in the darkest and lowest point in my life. The tools and guidance that I have received from her are priceless. She has pointed me in the right direction in my life (like my real life GPS) and still continues to remind me to live life in alignment with my truth and purpose. Words are not enough to describe how precious she is to this world.
— Joseph
Her passion and empathy allowed me to make an immediate connection. This provided a solid foundation for our successful coaching experience. Sara was able to listen to me and help me identify the roadblocks that were preventing me from reaching my goals. Once the barriers were identified and the mystery removed she and I worked together to develop strategies to nullify their hold over me. Our time together has been time well spent.
— John
Sara has truly changed my life. I began working with Sara at time where I thought I was making great strides personally and professionally but needed to get to the next level. My mind was bursting with possibilities and ideas but I somehow lacked the ability to align them in order of importance and follow through. Sara helped me to identify my values and zone in on key components that were holding me back. She did an amazing job at helping me stay on task and solidify pertinent changes in my life. I am grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her services.
— Ambrosia