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Manifesting Gold

bring mindfulness to your team:

A solid spiritual practice of any kind can make all the difference for a stressful day, a tough season, and, frankly, our entire existence on planet Earth. And it’s no surprise this spiritual practice is often the missing piece in many of our quests, desires and longings.

Sara’s Manifesting Gold workshops are designed to remind us the value, importance and critical need for connection to Self, Source and each other, through the practice of meditation, explorative writing and compelling conversation. 

Meditation and having a sense of belonging in community are scientifically proven to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, harmonize cortisol levels, lower blood pressure and see our life through a more fruitful and joyful lens.

As mainstreaming spirituality is high on Sara's list of priorities, she creates spaces where community is cultivated, collective consciousness rises and as a result, our world is flooded with more light, authenticity and joy.

If you are curious about bringing Sara into your office or workspace, you may schedule an intro call below.