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Legacy Leadership

paving the way for women in business:

Sara awakens potential in women in business through her Legacy Leadership program transforming the workplace experience for all.

Female CEOs lead only 5% of the Fortune 500 companies. Women are no less talented or capable of running a thriving organization than men, but rather they are stunted in their climb to power by a myriad of outdated role expectations and stories held. Sara tackles the core of the struggle by challenging women to embrace their feminine strength and shed limitations. In her private executive coaching and customized group programs, Sara utilizes skills acquired from 15 years of leadership and mentorship experience at companies like lululemon athletica, Athleta, and Manduka. She also coaches cancer patients and survivors as the CEO of Cancer Warrior Foundation, a nonprofit organization she founded in 2014.

Sensing the need for professional female empowerment, Sara earned her Master’s in Counseling and Organizational Psychology. While in grad school, Sara worked as an employee trainer at lululemon athletica, a company that pioneered the idea of creating a mindful workplace environment. She learned firsthand the benefit of emphasizing corporate wellness and personal development by simultaneously learning and applying best practices.

Her most poignant and unique mentorship experience, however, resulted from personal trauma. After a cervical cancer battle, Sara, healthy and filled with purpose, founded her women-centered cancer support organization, Cancer Warrior Foundation. For the last three years, she has mentored cancer fighters, helping them to find peace and direction in their most profound pain and fear. As cancer doesn’t discriminate, Sara has worked with a diverse group of mentees, from CEOs to teachers to college students, empowering these women to find their confidence as they reenter the workplace. Sara’s life, by both intention and circumstance, has given her the tools to unleash powerful potential in her clients. From her Master’s and tenure at lululemon athletica to her cancer battle and subsequent mentorship service to her Legacy Leadership program, Sara is uniquely capable of breathing life into a variety of work environments and company cultures.

Through Sara's customized corporate programs, her clients gain longterm leadership development for themselves and their teams. Legacy Leadership focuses on unleashing boldness and, most importantly, self-trust. Sara encourages integrity-based decision making so women can lead authentically without conforming to or feeling the grip of outdated leadership norms. Countless CEOs, cancer survivors, and companies have been transformed by Sara's guidance. It's your turn.